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Steel boned corsets offer the greatest shaping potential. The ones on this page can cinch in the waist by four to five inches, which is enough to make a real difference to any body shape. We use 12 flat steel bones, carefully built into the fabric of the corset for the right mix of effectiveness, distinctive good looks, and comfort. The corsets are cotton lined and finished to exacting standards by people who know exactly what they're doing.

The Waist Training range, which is spiral steel boned for maximum control and contouring, can go even further than the corsets on this page and draw in the waist by up to seven inches, but for most wearers five inches is just fine. What you see here is - pardon the pun- the backbone of the Corset Story range.

Each one has a removable modesty panel to wear behind the lacing if you don't want to expose the skin. The busks closing the front are high quality steel, designed for discreet strength and tight lacing. There are no less than four layers of fabric, because that's what it takes to make a strong, supportive corset that will bring in the waist, lift the breasts, and make you look as good as all that.

There are also a wide range of extras- not just ribbons, embroidery and lace, but also suspender loops that make it easy to wear silk stockings with your authentic steel boned corset. The bust lines range from steep to modest, and there are corsets in every style from rockabilly to neo burlesque to classic Victorian.

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