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If you’re short on time and are looking for a complete Burlesque-style outfit then this is definitely the section for you. These outfits are made especially to be ready to go upon arrival on your doorstep, and come complete with corset top and matching skirt. In many cases, this skirt is detachable so read the descriptions for the items you like and you could end up with two looks for the price of one! Many of these outfits are acrylic-boned so even though they won’t cinch your waist in the same way that a steel-boned one will, they’ll still give the illusion of a great hourglass figure (and accentuating it if you have one already!) and also allow you complete freedom of movement.

There are some really fun designs on show here as well as some simpler garments for you to customise yourself as you see fit. If your particular favourite has gone out of stock, simply give us a call or a shout on Facebook or Twitter to see when it’ll be coming in next.

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