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Strong women from classic sci-fi

Here are Corsets-AU we love strong female leads. While musing over our favourites (and least favourites- there are a few not-so-strong characters we’d prefer to forget), we came up with this list. Some are corset-wearers, some not, but most appeared in fabulous costumes from time to time.

1. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Star Trek

Uhura shattered expectations when she first appeared. Not just a woman but a black woman in a position of power in the 1960s? Hell yes! There is a rumour that the actress Michele Nichols planned to leave Star Trek after the first season but changed her mind after a conversation with Martin Luther King Jr.
Her character didn’t just simper around in the background either. She locked people in cupboards, fought beside Kirk, beamed down with away teams and kicked some serious ass. Much respect, Lieutenant

2. Aeryn Sun, Farscape

Unusual in that she started off on the wrong side, Aeryn Sun’s character was complex and sometimes contradictory. Aside from the sexual tension between her and John Crichton, we gradually find out exactly what made Aeryn into the woman we see- Farscape has a lot to say about the nature versus nurture debate.
It also had fantastic creatures and costuming by the Jim Henson Company. Her outfits usually wouldn’t look out of place in the more serious clubs. Aeryn is no stranger to tight, revealing clothing (a slick black PVC corset is what immediately came to mind) but happily, Farscape writers did look beyond the costumes at the character underneath.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon wasn’t interested in the hackneyed idea of a defenceless maiden being pursued by a powerful vampire, but by what would happen if the helpless woman turned around and decided to stake that sucker and stake him hard. That’s how Buffy was born- the petite blond teenage girl who finds out that she has power and can use it.
Over the years Buffy wasn’t the only strong female character to come out of this series. Willow, Kendra, Faith, and a whole host of others appeared on the side of good, and there were also plenty of memorable women (Darla and Drusilla for example) out for blood.

4. Pris, Bladerunner

Not technically human, Pris was a robot built for ‘pleasure’ but all too self-aware. That was, in a sense, her tragedy. On one level she was a deeply sexy, svelte individual who wasn’t averse to crushing a guy’s head with her thighs, but on another she seemed to be aware that she was intended to be a one-dimensional creation, but was not. The other replicants want the right to exist. Pris wants more than that, and is aware that she will not get it.

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5. Sarah Jane Smith, Dr Who/Sarah Jane Adventures

We first met Sarah Jane Smith as a young woman and a classic Dr Who companion. A high-profile character but very much in the Doctor’s strong masculine shadow. However, when she reappeared in a series of her own the tide had turned. She was older, wiser, and much, much deeper. In fact, her age was something notable in itself- it’s rare to see a leading woman well and truly out of her thirties.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”